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Hannah Boggs

Hannah Boggs, from South Point, Ohio, wrote the manuscript for “Violent Delights” at 16 years old and “Fire and Powder” while still a senior in high school. She’s always held a passion for reading and can often be found with a Classics or Fiction book in her hand.

Some of her favorites include Audrey Hepburn movies, Paris France, cats, the color pink, and anything related to Autumn and Halloween. You can keep up with her on social media at; Instagram at Han.Boggs; and Facebook @HannahBoggsAuthor.



Fire and Power

An accidental incident lands Odette Sinclair back in her hometown; across the country from Sunwick Grove and the magical Mages twins.

Violent Delights

When 17 years old Odette Sinclair and her family move across the country to be closer to the specialized medical care she needs, she has to give up everything she knew including pursuing her passion for dance.  


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July 23, 2018

Fire and Powder, Book Signing • Location


August 10, 2018

Violent Delights, Book Reading • Location


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